association française pour le tournage d'art sur bois

temporary exhibitions


 Prieuré de Salagon , Alpes de Hte Provence, June 4 and 5

  • Exhibition of artistic creation in the Prieuré during a week-end, whose theme is l'Arbre et l'homme . Part of the "Rendez vous aux Jardins" national event
  • Demos "under the mulberry trees" in the gardens
  • Artists : Thierry Berthéas, Gérard Genestier, Christophe Nancey, Matthias de Malet, Bruno Arcache....
  • Workshops, conferences, round table  and photography contest will happen during all the week end. detailed program (in French)
    Opening hours : 9am - 6pm

    Gérard Genestier - Plat - Platter

    Thierry Berthéas - Flacon - Bottle

    Christophe Nancey - Genèse - Genesis

  • You can see some pictures of this event here

Arc et Senans , Doubs, June 25 and 26

  • Exhibition "Magie d'Essences: Expressions ethniques". Artistic expression in the historical site of Saline Royale with 12 selected artists
    Bruno Arcache, Georges Baudot, Thierry Berthéas, Jean Claude Bischoff, Gérard Genestier, Sylvain Gilot, Luc Gontard, Xavier Masson, Christophe Nancey, Marc Ricourt, Claudine Thiellet, Françoise Thiellet

    Organized in collaboration with La Saline Royale and Ateliers d'Art deFrance
    Openings: 9am 12pm - 2pm 6pm
    Entry fee: adults 7 € reduced 16-25 years: 4.50  € , 6 –15 years : 2.80  €

    Thierry Berthéas - Coffret - Casket

    JC Bichoff - Femme - Woman

    Marc Ricourt - Vase

    Ornans , Doubs, July 8 to August 30

  • Woodturning Exhibition , "Tournerie aujourd'hui", contemporary turned objects. 15 exhibitors.
    B. Arcache, B. Averly, T. Berthéas, D. David, J-L. Fayolle, G. Genestier, L. Gontard,
    M-A. Koch, A. Mailland, M. de Malet, E. Molimard, C. Nancey, F. Prudhomme, C. Thiellet.
    "Square de la biblothèque"
  • Conference about contemporary turning from 3pm to 4pm, (by Maria Di Prima), and trees symbolic meaning from 5pm to 6pm (by Mrs Edith Montelle, storry-teller), July 30, Ornans cinema
  • Turning Demonstrations on July 30 and 31

    Lausanne, Switzerland, November 17 to end of December

  • Exhibition with 4 turners members of AFTAB, selected by "Espace Arts et Objets" of Lausanne: Alain Mailland, Thierry Martenon, Christophe Nancey, Claudine Thiellet

    Arles, salon Provence et Prestige, November 24 to 28

  • 6 turners from Provence and South of France. Arles' Palais des congrès.

For exhibitors: terms and conditions (in French)