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Christophe Nancey in the Journal du Bois

The media talk about AFTAB and more generally about artistic woodturning in France.

Terry Martin has written a very interesting article in Woodwork October 2002 (USA) : "The Renaissance of French Woodturning".

In Woodturning magazine (GB), October 2003, Dave Regester reviews the Puy St-Martin Seminar (WWD 2003) : "French Finesse".

In Turning Points Vol. 16, No. 2, 2003, two reports about the WWD 2003 : "Welcome to Puy-St-Martin" by Dave Forney and "A perfect encore in France" by Terry Martin.

If you read French, the Courrier des Métiers d'Art in May 1999 - a SEMA publication - presents a full report about woodturning, including an article by Gérard Bidou :
"Les tourneurs sortent de l'ombre" (Woodturners come out of dark) and a special page about the moving exhibition "Du coeur à l'écorce" (From the heart to the bark) by Françoise Seince.

In Ateliers d'Art, l'Atelier Bois and the Journal du Bois you will find recent articles about AFTAB's actions and different exhibitions of wood turned works in France.

Don't miss the Atelier Bois N° 89 about the WWD 2003, the Worldwide Woodturning Days in Puy-Saint-Martin (France).

All these articles can be found in the French site.

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