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Traveling exhibition rules



The traveling exhibition is a juried showcase of French artistic woodturning. It is a reference, in France and worldwide. This exhibition is often organized in conjunction with specific events (conferences, guided tours) and is meant to inform all those interested about creative and artistic woodturning.

This exhibition shows the state of the turning art not only in France, but also in Europe and overseas. Turners from Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain and USA are participating. It is open to all professionals and amateurs members of the association.

It creates conditions to share this art with the general public.
The primary goal of the traveling exhibition is to show the public the best of current creations, let him dream, and invite him to collect turned and carved pieces, though selling the pieces is not the main focus.

I. Application, preselection and selection process


    Before the indicated date, send to the exhibition committee your application with pictures, slides of your entries (maximum 5 entries), or if you don't have pictures yet, sketches or drawings of your project. Don't send originals (they will not be returned) and don't forget to indicate at the back of each picture the following mandatory information:
    - name, address, phone, email
    - title
    - wood and other materials used
    - dimensions
    - price
    We recommend you use the application form to send us these information.

    You can submit your entries in electronic format.

    If your pieces/project are preselected, you will be invited to submit your pieces to the selection.


    Your pieces must arrive before the due date to the indicated address.
    The rules about packaging are available here.
    The jury will consider the pieces according to following criteria :
    - creativity
    - emotion generated by the piece
    - technical command
    - attention paid to finishing / presentation


    Members of the jury will be:
    - woodturners
    - artists from other medias, and people of the art field (curators, journalists, ceramists, glass blowers)

    Selected artists will be informed within one week after the jury.

It is possible a catalog will be done. Pictures will be taken after the selection.
You are invited to submit a short text (50/60 words) describing your work and a very short resume (name, date of birth, living and working place, artistic statement).



    - Pieces can be for sale if you wish. Sold pieces will remain with the exhibition until its end.
    - Pieces are made under the responsibility of the artist. He is responsible for collecting unsold pieces at the end of  the tour.
    - If pieces are sold, the buyer will give 30% of the total price to AFTAB, corresponding to the commission taken by AFTAB. The remaining 70% will be paid by the buyer to the artist at the end of the show. The artist is responsible for the shipment of sold pieces to the buyers.
     - If a piece is damaged or stolen, the buyer will get a refund.
    - The artist must collect unsold pieces or pay for the shipping back at the end of the tour.
    - All pieces are covered by a « special exhibition» insurance. Conditions are described hereafter.
    - Each artist gives AFTAB permission to use pictures of the pieces to promote artistic and creative woodturning and the association.
    - Submission of pieces mean the artist agrees to all conditions stated above.
    - Though the translation is as accurate as possible, in case of litigation, the French version of these rules will apply.





    During each exhibition, pieces are placed under the responsibility of the place where it is shown, which provides insurance. Transportation and associated insurance are under the responsibility of recipient.

    Outside these periods:
    - Selection of pieces,
    - Time in between two exhibitions, when the exhibit is shipped and stored,
    - Exhibition under AFTAB's responsibility,
    pieces are covered by MAIF insurance.

    MAIF conditions for compensation are:

    a case is open under AFTAB's name by MAIF. An art expert in MAIF will consider the case.
    In any case, compensation of a broken or stolen piece will be calculated base on its "valeur vénale" on French art market.
    In 2003 the excess was 125 €.
    For pieces by professional turners a proof will be asked justifying quote, including but not limited to:

      - Press articles, catalogs,  …etc
      - equivalent invoices made during the exhibition timing
      - other invoices.

    For pieces where these kind of elements can't be provided, the value estimate will be taken into account, but will not necessarily be the basis of the compensation calculation.


    This section is related to French regulations. It is believed people interested will be French speaking, therefore it is not translated. You are invited to refer to the French terms and conditions.

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