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Did you say woodturning ?

Until the eighties, artistic woodturning remained at a traditional level. Then a new idea arrived in France : there were no limits to creation, and everything was possible in this art form.

Since then exhibitions, craft shows, meetings, classes, exchanges have developed to convey the passion. Workshops are open, discoveries are shared, barriers are falling, friendship is simply there.

Mixing new techniques and ancestral spirit, these craftsmen and artists develop their wooden art as a brand new form in the sculpture world, and are now fully part of the contemporary woodturning domain.

Robin Wood and his mechanical lathe

In this chapter woodturning you will find :

What is exactly woodturning ? history and techniques...
Our photo gallery page 1 and page 2, where to get a training par members of AFTAB, a museum in France with a unique collection of art wood turned pieces and an interview of a French lady woodturner.

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