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Eddie Parkiet, who lives in the mountains of the south east, has also adapted his machinery to create original work. With typical French inventiveness, he created an "outboard tailstock" to turn his large wall pieces. These are then cut and reassembled to create intriguing patterns of unexpected strength and vitality.

Eddie Parkiet's lathe

Eddie Parkiet's lathe

Wall Sculpture by Eddie Parkiet

"Wall Sculpture"
by Eddie Parkiet
40 cm (15 3/4") high

Daniel Guilloux was a successful photographer for 25 years before he discovered turning in 1995. With extraordinary energy he set about creating his own distinctive style, developing a jig system which allows him to turn hollow forms thinner and more consistently than any other turner in the world. He then recarves his vessels into improbably fine works, frequently by removing the majority of the wood to leave a web-like form of breathtaking fragility.
His "Eggs" are beautifully understated vessels, mysterious and intriguing, while his "Untitled Vessel" pushes fragility to the absolute limit. Guilloux also participated in the ITE in 1998.

"Eggs" by Daniel Guilloux
D: 25 cm (9 7/8") each

Eggs by Daniel Guilloux

Vessel by Daniel Guilloux

"Vessel" by Daniel Guilloux
H: 40 cm (15 3/4")
D: 25 cm (9 7/8")