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In 1996 he (Remi Verchot) travelled to the US, and with the help of the Wood Turning Center was invited to visit and work with a number of the best-known turners in the country. He has continued to travel ever since and has accumulated more experience of the international turning scene that perhaps any other turner. In 1999, he also participated in the ITE and produced "La Féconde," an enormous piece which started on the lathe, but typically relied on other post-turning techniques to create a truly original work.
"Jan Ken Pon" also challenges predictability. The two pieces are lidded containers, but when they are touched they rock and nod on their bronze plinth, almost alive in their interaction.

"Jan Ken Pon"
by Remi Verchot
carob and bronze
17 cm (6 11/16") high

Jan Ken Pon by Remi Verchot

La Féconde by Remi Verchot

"La Féconde"
by Remi Verchot
100 cm (39 3/8" high)

Elisabeth Molimar is another woman with the courage to challenge the male-dominated world of French turning. Like many in France, she lives in a beautiful, wooded mountain region, drawing both inspiration and material from her surroundings. Molimar produces a fine range of production wares which sell in quality outlets across France.
Her goblets, "Memory of Murano" (an homage to the Italian glass makers), are typical of this work. Whimsically eccentric, they have a delightfully solid feel in the hand, but are nevertheless examples of highly delicate turning.

Elisabeth Molimar

Elisabeth Molimar

Memory of Murano by Elisabeth Molinar

"Memory of Murano"
by Elisabeth Molimar
11 cm (4 3/8") high